Saturday, March 9, 2013


Mr Ghayasuddin, a dedicated health campaigner & community worker.

Mr Ghayasuddin an active health campaigner with vaccinator.
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Mrs Naseem Akhtar & Mrs Raheela Farooq with children.
Mrs Zakia Masood & Mrs Chughtai.
Mrs Raheela Farooq &Dr Maqsood.
HAWWA organised an effective polio campaign for children at its welfare clinic in which a large number of children were vaccinated. These children had missed vaccination due to various reasons, chief being non-availability at regular clinics.parents were keen to avail this opportunity as they do not want their children to become disabled due to this disease.HAWWA president Mrs Raheela Farooq, general secretary Mrs  Shakeela, Mrs Naseem Akhtar, Mrs Zakia Masood, Mrs Chughtai and others were very active in the campaign against polio which they have carried out in Hijrat colony regularly also. Senior general physician Dr Maqsood also participated along with Ghayasuddin, medical assistance at the clinic and Dr Meher Akhtar.

Polio vaccination is very essential for children in Pakistan as we are still lagging in eradicating this menace completely.Polio vaccine has very few side effects and resistance in community must be overcome with logic and awareness .

Dedicated people like members and supporters of HAWWA who are not funded by foreign countries but are citizens community groups on self help basis are important in contributing to country's health and well being  This is a registered organisation working transparently for the community.

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