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Housewives & Working Women Association , an organization striving to make a difference.

The Housewives and Working Women's Association (e mail: has been working selflessly for the last five years under the able guidance of Mrs. Raheela Faruq who has always helped the Defence residents and the poor people coming to work in this area in Karachi.
Mrs. Raheela Faruq, Life President.

A meeting.
 The various small shop keepers, stall owners, house workers, gardeners, sweepers and other poor workers and families have always asked for her help and she has represented their problems and solved them. The various residents problems concerning, lights, roads,hygeine, cleanliness, sewerage, water, protection & security and many other problems have been promptly handled by her.

Striving for Hygeine and civic behaviour.

Regular representation with DHA administration to solve problems.

Awareness meetings on Women & Civic Issues (WAR meeting  with Crises Support Group & Residents)
 Active Sunday Bazaar participation to help poor women and stall holders.(Income support activity)

Fund raising for Swat victims.(Disaster & Relief Activity)

Active participation in street & infrastructure activity of community.
 The able, active and very assertive general secretary, Mrs. Shakeela Mahmood has been helping the HAWWA organization since its inception and has given time in the intense heat of the afternoon and solved problems with regular representation and attendance at all DHA, Clifton Cantonement Board and other relevant meetings. She has also contributed considerably with donation as the organization is run on self help basis entirely by the members.She is also actively running a school for Dyslexic children in DHA.
This is a registered organization and is striving to improve the civic matters, security, and social well being of the residents of DHA and their workers and shopkeepers and small business owners. There is a long list of achievements but a few are listed here:

Dr Meher Zaidi with  Masjid Clinic for Poor Patients.

  • Making DHA vigilance aware and attentive towards unwanted and criminal elements around all phases of DHA.(Protection of women & Children especially school going & school areas & transport).
  • Liason and meetings with CPLC, Police, Karachi administration for security & protection issues.
  • Regular residents meetings  and representation of their problems especially focusing on housewives and working women . For this Mrs. Raheela Faruq had already given representation area -wise of each  phase like 1,2,4,5, 6,7 &8 of DHA. All ladies responsible for each area attend to all roads, lights, sewerage, cleanliness, fumigation, beggars, street children,security and other issues, make a list and put in monthly meetings. A line of action is decided and the cause is pursued till solved.
  • Adoption of an orphanage, the coordinator of which is Ms. Rana Tanzeem who regularly donates in cash & kind, and also sees that others also help these children. The welfare clinic will now look after the medical matters of this orphanage also.
  • Support to a poor children's school, industrial home in cash & kind.
  • Cash & Kind support to poor girls in marriage & education. We plan to organize these activities on a larger scale. For education we plan to support on scholarship basis children for school , college & university level.
  • A Very active fund raising campaign was done for Earthquake, Swat and recently for the flood victims.We plan to create a separate bureau of disaster relief and rescue where we will not only prepare our communities in disaster preparedness but also collect funds and keep for a rainy day to help the affectees. As our community is located on coastal areas we will concentrate on coastal disasters.
  • Dr. Meher Zaidi has already convened a Crises Support Group of Defence & Clifton Residents to which HAWWA is active supporter and takes help from. A very useful awareness meeting with War Against Rape of the housewives and working women of Defence was convened which helped the women understand the issues involved and where to go for help in case of crises.Dr. Meher Zaidi is available 24 hours for help & Support for such victims.Trained psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors are available for help under this group.
  • Dr Meher Zaidi has been actively doing free medical clinics & for this HAWWA has started a full fledged medical center in which highly experienced general physicians, consultants  are giving free time and treatment. Ultrasound, physiotherapy, psychological counselling and other specialties will be added soon. This has been made possible with the kind cooperation of the DHA administration and the core commander, Sindh.
  • Social activities such as Milaad Rasool Maqbool (SAW), awareness meetings, dinners for fund raising etc have been held regularly.
  • Regular media coverage to raise awareness & advocacy about health, environment, safety, security, protection, prices, consumer protection.
Future Plans include :

  • A full fledged vocational training center with emphasis on paramedical training, computer training, electrical and repair workshop etc.
  • A full fledged school with special inclusion of children with Dyslexia, Aspergers, Autism with normal children.
  • A low-cost hospital for women & children with state of the art facilities for investigation & treatment.
  • Social welfare activities in communities in education, poverty reduction, gender issues, women issues, sustainable livelihoods, health & nutrition, VAW issues and religious freedoms.
HAWWA has a very dynamic and proactive membership & have recently chosen  Mrs. Summerina Mian as its Chief Coodinator of Welfare Activities. We have an able treasurer, joint secretary , vice president and a very able central executive committee. HAWWA believes in action and compassion. Dr Meher Zaidi is the social media specialist , blogger, development and humanitarian consultant, policy strategist  in addition to being Health consultant to HAWWA. An active expat Pakistani community is also joining in welfare activities.
Dr Meher Zaidi with Photographer Schanze.

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